Blue Ridge Bee Supply

BRBS Workshop September 2016: Field Day

Blue Ridge Bee Supply held a bee yard day for their September Practical Beekeeping workshop on September 3rd and members of Surry County Beekeepers were invited to attend. Field days are a chance for newish beekeepers to get some hands on experience in the hives and to ask questions.

Dave Simpson demonstrated the vaporization method for Oxalic Acid to help control varroa mites.

BRBS Workshop August 2016: Federal Programs for Beekeepers

Our guest speaker was be Ms Lindsey Carico. She is the Executive Director of the Farm Services Agency for Carroll and Grayson County Virginia. Although she technically covers 2 Virginia counties, the Agency is a federal agency, and their programs are the same in every state. That having been said, she covered several different federal programs, including the Emergency Livestock Assistance Program and the Conservation Preserve Program. In layman’s terms, thats a program to reimburse beekeepers for their lost colonies, and a program to pay beekeepers to plant honey bee beneficial plants. These programs can be very beneficial to every beekeeper.

BRBS Workshop June 2016: Honey Harvesting

We had a great turn out for our June Practical BeeKeeping Workshop. We covered honey extraction, crush and strain, and touched on cut-comb production. A big thanks to several attendees who traveled from out of town to attend, and Eugene Brown and Sharon Quesensberry from Surry County Beekeepers Association for donating the capped comb for the demonstration. Thanks to all who attended and the staff of BRBS who put it all together. Happy Beekeeping!

Thanks Gray Cassell for taking the time to attend and travel to our workshop, and for taking and sharing your pics!

BRBS Workshop May 2016: Splits and Sugar Shakes

On Saturday, BRBS held its May Practical Beekeeping Workshop. Once again, Mr Eugene Brown, an officer of the North Carolina Beekeepers Association and Program Director of Surry County Beekeepers Association was our guest speaker. He covered the subject of making splits: when to, when not to, why and how. He also spoke on how to do a sugar shake mite count. Then everyone headed out to the store hives and participated in a demonstration of the subjects covered. Great workshop and great attendance also! Thanks again to Mr Brown and all who attended…especially those of you who traveled from out of town to be here!

BRBS Workshop April 2016: Spring Management

Our April Practical BeeKeeping Workshop was taught by Mr Carroll Hill, a long time beekeeper and mentor to many other beekeepers. He covered spring hive management, swarm prevention, and other tips. We had some good hands on experience as well.

Thanks to Mr Carroll Hill for being our guest speaker and Mr Gray Cassell for traveling so far and documenting our Practical BeeKeeping Workshop. Received time tested instruction and inspected a few colonies too. Tks again to all who attended.

Here are some pictures from the day. Can you find the queen in the close up brood pictures below?

BRBS Workshop March 2016: Queen Rearing

BRBS would like to thank Mr Tim Service, President of the Mountain Empire Beekeeping Club, and queen rearer, for being our guest speaker at our March Workshop this past Saturday. We learned a lot about different bee breeds, his queen rearing operation, and beekeeping in general. To him and everyone who attended, a Thank You and we hope to see you at our next workshop!

BRBS Workshop February 2016: Beekeeping Over the Years

We would like to say a special thank you to Mr. Albert Cockerham for speaking at our workshop this past Saturday and to those who attended. We really enjoy being around people with the same interests as ourselves and to learn from one another!

Albert Cockerham is the current President of the Surry County Beekeeping Club. He has been a beekeeper for over 50 years and shared his experiences (and stories) of how beekeeping was when he started vs. how it is now.