Blue Ridge Bee Supply

About Hexagons & Lexicons

The Hexagons & Lexicons program was our Apprentice/Mentor program at BRBS. It was started in 2015 and we were very successful and enlisted over a dozen young ladies and gents who expressed interest in becoming an apprentice beekeeper with a mentor. The program was mutually beneficial to both apprentice and mentor. We strongly felt that it would be very successful at increasing participation in beekeeping, providing sound “hands-on” education for new beekeepers and provide a much needed “helping hand” to veteran beekeepers who often find themselves struggling to keep up with their bees and equipment.

We ran the program for about 2 years until our young beekeepers decided there were more interesting things to do. We are proud of the work we did and hope that we started something good for our young beekeepers.

Surry County Beekeepers “How To” Videos

The Surry County Beekeepers have started a bee yard that currently houses over 30 colonies. The bee yard is part of a grant through the NC Pesticide Environmental Trust Fund. SCBA was hoping to be able to do beekeeping training in the bee yard, but because of restrictions by NC State University — who oversees the property — that hasn’t happened.

However, that hasn’t stopped the SCBA folks. They are now creating “How To” videos that are available to anyone with access to YouTube. You can check out the videos available here: SCBA YouTube Channel

Here’s a sample of one of the videos that was recorded in our facility: