Blue Ridge Bee Supply Mount Airy NC

We are beekeepers too!

In addition to selling beekeeping equipment and related bee stuff, we also keep bees using the things we sell. So if you have questions about anything, please just ask us. We’re posting pictures from our bee yard so you won’t be shy about visiting us or asking us questions.

Top Bar Beekeeping

Top Bar Hive at BRBS

Here at BRBS, we decided to try our hand at Top Bar Hive (TBH) Beekeeping with one of the colonies to use for our workshops. This will give any beekeepers that are interested in TBH Beekeeping a chance to examine it, first-hand. A package was installed April 20th.

The top bar hive pictured on the right is one we made in our shop.




Here are pics of their progress after 20 days. Each picture shows a different frame that they have drawn out and started to use.

Brrrr Beekeepers!

Ok beekeepers… there’s still beekeeping to be done..even in a BLIZZARD! This is a pic of 3 of our own overwintering nucs. One is fine but the other 2…not so much. Please be sure and clear the entrances of your hives to make sure that you have proper ventilation with all of these damp conditions, and to ensure that the ladies can get out, when they need to!
Also, we are starting to get reports of low food stores. At this point of the season, coupled with the fact that we have had an unusually warm and bee-active winter, its imperative to ensure that they have adequate food on hand. Stay warm, protect your colonies, and happy (snowy) beekeeping!

Setting Up A New Bee Yard

We at BRBS sometimes end up pulling the graveyard shift. Last night was one of those nights. Somewhere around 10:00 pm- we started screening up hive entrances, and by 6 am-viola! 13 of our colonies were anxiously inspecting their new yard. It only took 4 hrs for 5 amateur beekeepers with 2 pickup trucks to move and set up 4 stands and 13 hives. We will not discuss in any detail the 4 stings and 2 hives that separated while loading. Let’s just say it was definitely an eventful night (especially the bee in Ryan’s veil).

From all of us at BRBS- happy beekeeping and have a good weekend.

Growing Our Beeyard – August 2015

Our little bee yard has grown considerably. Started this year with 5 colonies, and now we are up to 30!

We split 2 colonies, caught 4 swarms, acquired 2 colonies from a customer, bought 8 nucs, and started the rest nucs with queens that we purchased.