Blue Ridge Bee Supply Mount Airy NC

BRBS Workshop January 2016: About Apiary Inspectors

We would like to give a special thanks to NC State Bee Inspector Mr. Greg Fariss for being our guest speaker at our workshop this past Saturday and everybody who attended! We had a really good turn out and received a lot of useful information about what to expect from Mr. Fariss as our inspector.

Beware all beekeepers!! The inspector is coming!! Run!! Hide your bees!! All too often the bee inspectors are spoken of as harbingers of doom and gloom. “Ain’t no inspector touchin’ my bees!” is a common retort at the very mention of them. So… for our January 2nd Workshop, Inspector Greg Farris was on hand to set the record straight, and educate us on what to expect during an inspection and dispel common misconceptions concerning his very important contributions to the beekeeping community at large.