Blue Ridge Bee Supply Mount Airy NC

BRBS Hosts Cub Scout Pack 538

As part of our Hexagons & Lexicons Program, BRBS was proud to host Cub Scout Pack 538 Saturday. After a hotdog lunch, Davie Simpson of Faith Apiary gave a presentation on everything about honey bees–from the castes and their jobs to pollination and pesticides. Then everyone visited the activity tables to extract honey, process bees wax, and make up honey straws. Checking out our observation hive and our hives on the yard was also squeezed in. The Cubs were very well behaved, and already possessed a vast amount of honey bee knowledge, on top of being a pleasure to have as guests. Thank to all of our staff and volunteers, Danny at Robby’s Sales for the dog tags, and to pack 538 for making it a great day! We hope you enjoy your honey straws, candles, and dog tags!