Blue Ridge Bee Supply Mount Airy NC

BRBS goes to school!

We spent the day in the Agriculture Dept at North Surry High School promoting beekeeping with Mr Culler and his students, along with several other classes and faculty. We thoroughly enjoyed the time and experience. All of the faculty and students were gracious hosts and we look forward to doing it again in the future.

While we were discussing honeybees and beekeeping with the Ag students at North Surry Monday, we took the opportunity to promote our Apprentice/Mentor program at BRBS. We were very successful and enlisted over a dozen young ladies and gents who expressed interest in becoming an apprentice beekeeper with a mentor. Anyone interested in becoming a mentor and taking on an apprentice please contact us. We have devised a program that is mutually beneficial to both parties. We strongly feel that it will be very successful at increasing participation in beekeeping, providing sound “hands-on”education for new beekeepers and provide a much needed “helping hand” to veteran beekeepers who often find themselves struggling to keep up with their bees and equipment. We look forward to your feedback on this matter, and hopefully participation in the program. Thanks for your support and happy beekeeping!