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About Us

Blue Ridge Bee Supply is a family owned and run business in Mount Airy that was started in 2015. The business was started when a honeybee sparked the curiosity of Gray Hodge. Here’s the story that started it all:

One sunny day in early spring, 2013, a young couple was driving down the interstate. Out of the blue, a honey bee flew in through the window. Still very much alive, it was quickly caught in an empty coffee cup, and set free at the very next off ramp.

“Can it find its way back home? If not, can it join another hive?” Soon the couple was Google searching all kinds of questions and were amazed at just how much they DIDN’T know or understand about these busy little creatures.

That little honey bee inspires countless hours of research, and soon enough… 4 new beekeepers embarked on their journey that led, thus far, to the concept of Blue Ridge Bee Supply.

That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

As told by Gray Hodge
Ready to go!
Gray, John, Meagan, Sherri, and Ryan on the eve of the store opening

The original 4 owners were Gray and Sherri Hodge, their daughter Meagan and son John. Meagan has since gotten married and her husband Ryan Goins is now part of the family owned business.

First pallet from Millers Bee Supply
First pallet from Millers Bee Supply

Blue Ridge Bee Supply is a reseller of products from Dadant and Miller Bee Supply and also sells products and supplies they produce.

The business is run by beekeepers for beekeepers. So when you come in to the store, expect that knowledgeable people can talk to you about your bees and bee needs.

Over the years since opening, BRBS has provided classes and various kinds of support for the community. The Hexagons & Lexicons sessions drew experienced speakers from the area and all ages of participants including both young wanna-beekeepers as well as older folks. The classes included a lot of hands on opportunities. You can learn more about this program on the Hexagons & Lexicons section.


We support local beekeeping groups including:

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